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Friday, July 25, 2008

Welches Dried Fruit Snacks

I can't believe it but I almost missed stumbling across this tasty little treat! My little nephew who is three loves these- one day he was kind enough to share and boy are they tasty. They are bite size which makes them great for kids and not over sugary like some dried fruit.

I just gave some to my little one year old today and he gobbled them right down- they don't dissolve quickly so it's best your child is fairly good at chewing food before you give them these (they are little enough however they won't choke a child if swallowed whole)

In our store they are hidden in with the fruit snacks and not the other dried fruit so you may have to do a little looking to find them. - Welch's website has a tasty looking recipe for the Berry Medley variety (Berry Sensational Salad) that I can't wait to try you can check it out here.