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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1200 Free Digital Prints & 20pg photobook for $6.99 w/Free Shipping

Have you heard about Artscow.com yet? It is an AWESOME printing service for not only for photo prints but scrapbooks as well- I have several fun projects for Christmas but I can't tell you the specifics just in case the lucky recipient is reading this.

Right now they are offering 1200 free prints and a $6.99 20 pg photobook with FREE shipping and some other fun FREE ITEMS just for signing up with them- Their photobooks are so easy to do you just upload pictures from your computer drag and drop them on the pages and tada- an AWESOME gift or memory book to keep!

Plus they give you additional freebies for every $15 you spend (including your shipping costs) you can sign up at artscow.com and start ordering great Christmas presents!

Also if anyone is interested I have a couple of coupons from them for an 8x8, 20 pg photo book for just 11.99 with FREE SHIPPING- I don't have many so if your interested (and serious about using it) just e-mail me at audrajjensen@msn.com