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Monday, June 16, 2008

Keeping It Clean When Baking/Cooking

I love to bake but sometimes it seems like even the simplest recipes leave my kitchen looking like a mini twister came for a visit. Here are a few tips that I have found help cut down on clean up time.

Peeling Vegetables/Cutting Fruit- Spread butcher paper or old newspapers on the counter. You can peel vegetables right on to the paper or set it next to the cutting board to slide the rinds from fruit on to. When your done you can easily throw the whole mess away.

Baking Cookies/Rolls- Line the bottom of the pan with tin foil- Clean up is a breeze! This also works well when you are making multiple batches of cookies with only a few pans. As the first batches are baking- place dough on pre cut sheets of tin foil- when the first batches are done you can easily slide off the tin foil with the baked cookies, placing in on the counter to cool- and quickly replace with the second batch of cookies to bake.

Mixing Bowls, Utensils, Measuring Cups & Spoons- When someone shared this tip with me it seemed like such a no brainer that I couldn't believe I wasn't doing it already- When you are baking/cooking keep a sink of soapy water full- Just taking an extra second or two to rinse of the bowls and utensils you use then putting them to soak can save so much time scrubbing off dried food later.

Cooking Spray- Cooking spray is a handy thing to have on hand- If you spray a little in a Tupperware container before you store tomato based foods your Tupperware wont stain. You can spray it on your hands before you knead dough or roll cookies to help food from sticking to your hands. It also works great to spray a little on a measuring cup or spoon before measuring things like peanut butter- or syrups. You can even spray it on your grill to help foods keep from sticking to it!

What kitchen tips do you have?


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Great tips! Second on washing or soaking dishes right away! I hate crusty oatmeal and bread dough.

Brenda said...

What great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. Happy that I found your blog. Off to look at all your posts to learn more.

The Sullenger's said...

Thanks for the tips. I know a lady who cuts her watermelon inside a clean garbage bag. The rinds then are already to throw away. Also, spraying the bottom of a glass glass with cooking spray and running over rice crispie treats, flattens them really easy.

Mandi said...

I just had a "duh!" moment. I've been staring at my growing stack of newspapers wondering what I could use them for, and having to collect all the peels, cores, etc. from chopping fruits and veggies is such a pain...what a great idea!