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Sunday, October 5, 2008

V-Tech Laptops for Kids

Megan of meganblethenphotography sent me and e-mail about a toy her kids love the V-Tech laptops for kids.

"My kids are very easy and hard to please at the same time. Sometimes a paper plate will do the trick and other times only a specific train or car toy! But without fail my kids love legos and Mega Blocks! I actually love them too. Yes they are a big mess to clean up, but my oldest son (he'll be 4 in October) has developed quite an imagination in the last year and it interesting to see the things he comes up with! So I love Legos!:)

Another toy my kids love are their laptops. We have the V-tech age 3-5(I think) and my oldest son will sit and use it for hours. It teaches reading, letters, math, etc. He gets really into it. I think it's great for him. When he accomplishes something it makes him excited. "

I don't know about your kids but my little guy loves the computer- It may come from all the time he watches mom typing away but any time he gets close he tries to pound away at the keys and goes crazy with the mouse. When he was six months old in an effort to 'distract' him from my computer I brought him his very own V-Tech laptop - the infant version and although it didn't completely distract him from my computer he did love pounding on the keys and watching the lights flash.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out to my photography business. Although, the link doesn't work when I click on it. I thought I'd throw in a comment and give you the link to my site.


(My husband, my web guy:), said you need to add the http:// to the link, then it'll work)

Thanks again Audra!:)

Megan Blethen

jarod said...

V-tech is good, but they don't really teach much. I found that the best learning solutions was: computer for kids. I wanted to give my children a headstart.

Nancy Jackson said...

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